welcome to my blog!

hi, my name is hannah “ham” greene, and this is my blog. here, you will find me writing articles about whatever i feel like interests me this week, and whatever i think the world could benefit from hearing.

a little bit about me: i am a tennessee wild child, in search of adventure and serotonin daily. my interests include tie dye, smoothies, astrology, and the color purple. i also have an about page where you will find my actual credentials and more stuff i wrote about myself.

i believe this blog will morphe into some sort of lifestyle blog? like many real people, i have many different interests, and it’s not just what i got my bachelors degree in. the three main categories i want to write about here at this moment are diy projects, spirituality, and festivals.

another thing you should know about me is that i am extremely stubborn. it must have something to do with being a type 9 enneagram or a virgo but i innately want to learn things the hard way and on my own terms. once i learn though, i love sharing my knowledge with whoever will listen.

so, welcome to a new chapter of my life. welcome to tips, tricks, and insights that i have never shared to the internet before. welcome to hamgreene. as i have been saying on my finsta for years, welcome to my blog.

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